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Employee Spotlight: Martha Cobb

Andi Frey - Monday, March 28, 2011

Employee Spotlight:

Martha Cobb
Membership and Corporate Events Director

Martha Cobb is well-known to guests before they even arrive, because she takes the reservations and set up everything to make sure guests have a truly amazing Flat Creek Lodge experience.  Originally from Thomaston, Georgia, she has been a member of our Lodge family for 4 ½ years, after retiring as the media specialist at Swainsboro High School.  Read on for Martha’s perspective on her favorite things about the Lodge!

There are many things which make Flat Creek Lodge unique.  For example,  the architecture of buildings and how each room or cottage has a wildlife name that carries out that theme is definitely something that makes our guests’ stay special.  Also, our location makes us unique.  Swainsboro, Georgia, is not exactly “on the beaten path,” and the fact that the Harless’ chose Emanuel County makes it different.  Not to mention that you’ll journey out of town down an obscure country road adds to its uniqueness!

I chose to work at Flat Creek Lodge, because I believe in the concept of being one with nature and helping people to come and enjoy themselves at the Lodge.  I love meeting new people, and I like to entertain - so I feel that the guests who come to Flat Creek are my guests.  I believe that Flat Creek has something to offer to the people of Emanuel County.  We have developed our own cottage industry out here.  I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but never had the money or idea… and this allows me to work for small company which is on the road to building the business into something bigger and into a gem of Georgia.

Southeast Georgia offers many things and yet they are all so different from the rest of the state.  The people of southeast Georgia are very friendly and inviting.  They want people to come to our section of Georgia and experience their love of nature and each other.  Also, we have lush forests and not are not far from the coast.  There are long sections of woodlands which are still untouched by man.  The people of southeast Georgia are very good stewards of the land and its resources.  

I cannot tell you the best meal I have ever had Flat Creek, because we have had many excellent chefs to come through our gates!  Each brought his own flair and culinary expertise to our dining staff.  All of these have helped to shape our dining experience.   Every time I eat at Flat Creek, I think that is the best meal ever.  Flat Creek has spoiled me for dining out, because I am constantly comparing it to Flat Creek!

One reason I believe that we have such varied customer base is our uniqueness and the experience which we offer.  We are so much more that hunting and fishing! We are getting back to one’s roots- that experience that many had as a child with a parent or grandparent in nature.  

We have had so many wonderfully exceptional people to come and visit with us.  Each time some one comes we often think “oh, they are so nice and we have enjoyed them so much!” One group that stands out in my mind is a group of ladies that came to spend a day at the spa.  They were the only ones here, so they came to breakfast in their pajamas and bathrobes!  When they left, we exchanged hugs and warm wishes which certainly marks an end to time well spent.

It’s hard to say which spot is my favorite at the Lodge.  Sometimes, I think it is back porch of the lodge at sunset, sometimes the view from the whirlpools in the spa and sometimes on the hill coming from dairy from where you can see the cottages and lodge with the fire tower towering over everything.  When I am at Flat Creek, I feel as if I am a thousand miles from civilization.  I truly enjoy the peace and tranquility which is so special to Flat Creek.

Most people who know me know everything about me.  I guess the only thing which would really surprise people is that in the 11th grade I was a majorette with the marching band.  I played clarinet in the band in high school… and though those are two skills I’ve yet to get to use during my tenure at the Lodge, you never know what we’ll be up to next!
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